Custom cajones made by brothers Fred and Steve Anderson in Middle TN USA. Standard and Bass Cajones (Caja) for musicians, by musicians.

Versatile Tonal Range

Through trial and error we have discovered a method of creating three distinct tones across the upper part of the Tapa. This gives more of a conga sound when playing. Striking the center of the Tapa will give the low tone of a kick drum.

High Quality Birch

We form the shell from 9 ply 1/2” birch plywood for maximum sound quality and stability. The playing surface, or Tapa, is made of 1/8th 3 ply birch plywood and has been carefully honed down an additional .030” for superior sustain and tonal quality.

Precision Cuts & Joints

One secret to exceptional tones are due to precision wood joints achieved by the best saw systems whereby the saw cuts are made so perfectly, they feel like they’ve already been sanded smooth.


If you have questions or are interested in having us build one just for you, shoot us an email at big.ole.cajones@gmx.com. Thanks!